Petrini's Olive Wood Paddle Board Gift Pack

Petrini's Olive Wood Paddle Board Gift Pack


NEW! TEACH YOUR SALAD TO SPEAK ITALIAN® with our new Petrini’s Olive Wood Paddle Board Gift Pack. Includes Santa Barbara’s favorites: one Classic Italian, one Original Italian, one Italian Ranch, and a 10.5” natural Olive Wood Paddle Board imported from sustainably sourced olive trees. Use it for serving up your antipasti or for preparing your salad ingredients… be tossed with Petrini’s Dressings of course!

Olive wood is a non-porous natural material and no two are alike. Expect some variations in color and grain.

(we suggest only hand washing and occasionally conditioning your olive wood with food safe oil)

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Makes a great gift to celebrate a new home, wedding shower, birthday, holiday or for anyone who loves Santa Barbara!

To ensure ultimate blending of flavors, shake your dressing vigorously and store Original and Classic Italian at room temperature. Petrini’s Italian Ranch should be refrigerated after opening and contains: Eggs, Milk, and Soy.