Eugenio and Philomena Petrini 1924


Eugenio and Philomena owned Petrini’s Palace of Sweets from 1923-1946—Abingdon, Illinois

This is where the Petrini Brothers got their “training” on how to run a successful family business!


Fratelli John, Julio and Geno Petrini 1977


Julio Petrini’s Italian Dressings - Santa Barbara NewsPress, 2002


Petrini’s Italian Ranch joins the family - Santa Barbara NewsPress 2007

our roots

When Eugenio Petrini left Lucca, Italy in 1921 to begin a new life in America, he brought with him what no Lucchese ever leaves behind—a love of cooking that requires the use of pure olive oil.

Eugenio's marriage to Philomena Ambrosia in 1924, whose parents were from Naples, brought about a savory blending of Northern and Southern Italian cooking. The only thing Eugenio requested of his wife was that pure olive oil be used in all the family dishes, whether Toscano or Napolitan.

In 1958 when Eugenio's sons Geno, John, and Julio began making Petrini's salad dressings, it was only natural that they, like their parents, should use only pure olive oil in those dressings.

Today, Lucca is still the olive oil capital of the world, and Julio Petrini is still using pure olive oil in his famous dressings. Eugenio and Philomena would be proud to serve Petrini’s of Santa Barbara Inc Salad Dressings from their kitchen, and so will you!


Anheuser-Busch Graduates Jerry, Geno and Julio Petrini—Los Angeles


Salute! Geno and Julio Petrini


The Good Old Days—1958 to 1996—when Geno, John and Julio ran the business

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One of six restaurants owned by the Petrini Family between 1958 and 1996

One of six restaurants owned by the Petrini Family between 1958 and 1996